Keep your family and business safe with security cameras

Protect your home or business  with a fail proof security system. At Mactelecom Networks we install, configure and maintain camera systems to keep you feeling safe. Please see below for some of the security camera solutions we provide.

Unifi Cloud Key Gen2 is a network controller and has the Unifi Protect controller which is a NVR ( Network video recorder)  comes with a 1tb hard drive and can expand to 5tb

Unifi UNVR is a 4 bay NVR . use Up to four 8tb hard drives in a Raid1 or Raid 5 configuration. Add up to 50 IP cameras, Remote viewing and motion alerts. 

Unifi G4 Pro  is a 4K  3x optical Zoom IP camera. The G4 Pro has a wide angle IR LED for Night vision

Unifi G4 Bullet camera is a 4mp with 24fps,features a built in microphone and supports night vision

Unifi G3 Flex is a 1080p 25fps IP camera, has integrated IRs for night vision, built in microphone and supports POE

Unifi Protect G4 doorbell is a 2mp camera with nightvision, two way audio, built in display and wifi

At Mactelecom Networks we know the value in keeping your company safe. Security cameras are one of the best ways to do that. We provide services for business as well as residential 

Security Camera installation for your home or business. Cameras are Full HD and come in 1080 or 4K resolution ( Lower resolution available please ask)

Camera packages 

  • Full installation including configuration, Remote viewing and hookup TAXES INCLUDED:


  • 4 Mega pixel camera installation:

  • 2x 4MP cameras with NVR: $1350
    4x 4MP cameras with NVR: $1750
    6x 4MP cameras with NVR: $2150

  • 4K camera installation:
    2x 4K cameras with NVR- $1650
    4x 4K cameras with NVR - $2350
    6x 4K Cameras with NVR - $3050