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Unifi Talk

Looking for an affordable phone system that integrates nicely into your existing Unifi network setup? Well Unifi talk is right for you. See below for some features Unifi talk has to offer:

  • Unlimited inbound and outbound calling 

  • integration with Unifi protect ( you can view your cameras direct from your phone)

  • Auto attendant

  • Voicemail to email and Voicemail to email transcription

  • Ability to open doors controller by Unifi access


Grandstream VOIP

Grandstream is one of the world biggest VOIP companies that have a wide variety of phone systems and phones. If you are looking for advanced call routing, call center features or high availability grand stream is for you. See Below for some features Grandstream offers:

  • Advanced call routing

  • High Availibility

  • Softphone for PC and mobile phones

  • Voicemail to email and Voicemail to email transcription

  • DEC and WIFI Phone

  • Scales to thousands of users

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